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Kiss Lips Chair

1. Kiss Lips Chair

This lipstick-red Studio Kiss Lips Chair adds a smile to any atmosphere. This is created of soft resin for comfort and indoor and outside use. This stylish and distinct one-seater is sure to be the subject of conversation whether or not during a commercial workplace or residential setting...Kiss Lips Chair by wayfair.com 
Estevan Barrel Chair

2. Estevan Barrel Chair

Comfy and chic this Barrel Chair is excellent method to relax in vogue. Price adding to interior or exteriors of the house. This Barrel Chair is constructed from quality material thus that it’s sturdy and long lasting. This is often a unique form Barrel Chair with leather sitting. The seat has wonderful animal print design on it. The leather material is elastic and smooth when touch. This super snug chair will be nice totaling in your garden living space bedroom or kitchen. Ideal for out of doors sitting this chair will complement indoor with outdoor of your sittings. This Barrel Chair is super snug and you can sit for hours on it. This chair is not that serious it will be shifted from one place to another. If you needed one such chair for your house then get it immediately...Estevan Barrel Chair by wayfair.com 
Hilburn Slipper Chair

3. Hilburn Slipper Chair

Bring home this straightforward yet elegant Brayden Studio Hilburn Chair that may be an ideal addition to your home. The slipper chair is good for you to lounge in. It will be placed in the living or bedroom. This chair evokes a trendy vogue which will match different sorts of decor settings...Hilburn Slipper Chair by wayfair.com 

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